Parunthu to be released at 12.01

Mammootty In & as Parunthu. Panathinu meethe parakkaan naale keralathilethunnu.

When the clock ticks 00.01 past midnight on Today, it not only mark the start of Friday, but will create a new record in Mollywood.

‘Parunthu’, the Mammootty-starrer, will hit cinemas in the state in the wee hours of Friday. It seems to be the game plan by the fans associations of superstars. Mammootty’s `Annan Thampi’ had broken the record when it was released at 3.45 a.m. on May 18.

Mammootty fans were not ready to give up and the result is the record breaking release of `Parunthu’. They are in a euphoria that their star’s film should always be in record books.

The record-breaking release will be at PVS Cinema, Thanoor. Even the Central Travancore area, which is not a hot spot for films, will be an exception this time. Thefilm will be release in about 75 theatres across kerala.

“Nobody will be able to break the record as 00.01 a.m. is a tactic time. If you release a film a minute earlier it will belong to yesterday’s list,’’ says Jins, president, Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association.

`Parunthu’ will be released in Calicut at 3 a.m. The film will also be released in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram in the early morning.

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