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    August 15 Postponed

    Leading producer Aroma Mani has informed the theatres that his Mammootty Christmas release August 15, directed by Shaji Kailas has been postponed.  Due to heavy rains in Thiruvananthapuram, the last outdoor schedule of the film was washed away, hence the delay. The latest we hear is that Mammootty’sBest Actor directed by Martin Prakkat which was scheduled to […] More

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    New generation stars aren’t arrogant: Mammootty

    We have certain instances to believe that some young stars in Malayalam films are arrogant, though others may call it a “bold act”! To name a recent case, young superstar Prithviraj recently told a prominent daily, “Those who don’t like me need not see my films.” But megastar Mammootty does not feel that new generation […] More

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    Mammootty shoots in Bengaluru for Shikari

    Megastar Mammootty was in Bengaluru on Friday and Saturday, shooting a stunt scene for his first Kannada-Malayalam bilingual Shikari. He had a very jovial and pleasure-filled afternoon at the Sapota Garden in Bangalore Palace with the Kannada film media, who were thrilled at his simplicity. Mammootty’s actions surprised all. Why? They resembled those of Dr. […] More

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    Mammootty in Bombay March 12

    Babu Janardhanan casts Mammootty in his first movie, Bombay March 12. Babu Janardhanan had taken us back to the time of the emergency and naxalism in Thalappavu, the film which he had scripted and was directed by Madhupal. And now, with his debut directorial venture, Babu Janardhanan, who has also scripted films like Achchanurangaatha Veedu, […] More

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    Bhavana thrilled about being in Mammootty’s dreams!

    Bhavana is all thrilled about being in Megastar Mammootty’s dreams. The actress would appear in a cameo in the Megastar’s latest film ‘Doubles’.Tapasi is Mammootty’s heroine in the film, and would be wearing a purdah for a major portion of the film. The hero who doesn’t get to see the girl, dreams of a sequence […] More

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    Mammootty fined by the traffic police!

    Megastar Mammootty was caught riding a motor bike without wearing a helmet in the capital city. The traffic police fined the actor much to the amusement of the onlookers.It was only later that the crowd understood that the actor was taking part in the shooting of his latest film ‘August 15’, directed by Shaji Kailas.S […] More

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    Mammootty Owes the Award To Sathyan

    Versatile actor Mammootty said yesterday that he owed the depth in his acting to the late thespian Sathyan, whose 99th birth anniversary was marked in the city.“I am indebted to Sathyan sir for the formation of a complete actor in me. In the initial days as an actor I had followed Sathyan’s style and patterns,” […] More