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Mammootty’s Parunthu released today at 80 centres all over Kerla, becoming the first malayalam movie to be released in most numnber of theatres. It is also made a record release time too. The film released at 12.01 am at thanoor PVS theatre, Malappuram.The Film will be released in B theatres in the opening day too. Parunthu, deals with the world of Blade Mafia (a term used for private money lenders charging exorbitant interest).

Parunthu Purushottaman, who has never cared for the feelings of people around him or the destiny of the people who borrow money from him, was bothered only about his business interests.

Purushottaman has two very funny guys – Kunjachchan(Cochin Haneefa) and Poojapura Mahendran – as his aides. And he has an arch-rival in Kallayi Azeez, who had once been his friend. Azeez wants to see Purushottaman’s downfall, but the latter always manages to survive.

One day Purushottaman goes to one Hemant Bhai(Jagadi sreekumar) to recover money lent to him. It happens to be the eve of the marriage of Rakhi(Lakshmi Rai), Hemant Bhai’s elder daughter. Hemant Bhai fails to return the money and is threatened with dire consequences. The marriage does not take place. Hemant Bhai becomes a mental wreck and his daughters are taken under the wings of Azeez, who decides to protect them.

In the meantime Vinayan(Jayasurya), who had been working as a carrier for Azeez, joins Purushottaman. Things move towards a point where (as you might have very well guessed) something drastic happens in the life of our hero, forcing him to mend his ways and turn a new leaf. And that forms the rest of the plot.

The film is extremely slow especially in the second half. It’s the script that is to be blamed. The mediocre script led to the director losing his grip over the story and the film as a whole.

Performance-wise Mammootty as ‘Parunthu’ Purushottaman is very good. Jayan, who has mostly been seen in television serials and in some films too, is good as Azeez. Jagathy Sreekumar as Hemant Bhai too is good. Lakshmi Rai as Rakhi and Kalyani as Hemant Bhai’s younger daughter is good. Jayasurya is suitable as Vinayan. Cochin Haneefa as Kunjachchan is his usual self. Suraaj Venjaramoodu, though he elicits a few laughs as Poojapura Mahendran. Mamukoya as Kunjikka, who had once been a moneylender and now is a wreck of a man, is good, though he and his character have nothing much to do in the film.

However the film is average , lets look after how audience accept this film, as Mammootty in negative role.

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