August 2008

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    Mammootty in high hopes with ‘MayaBazaar’

    After Parunthu, Megastar Mammootty is putting all hopes on Maya Bazaar, a rollicking entertainer. Mammootty knows that shades of grey in his character worked against the Padmakumar film. So this time the character that he is doing in Thomas Sebastin directed Maya Bazaar ‘Akkiri’ Ramesh who deals in old cars and dismantling them is going […] More

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    Jesy Foundation : Best Actor award for Mammootty

    Mammootty and Kavya were adjudged the best actors in the Jesy Foundation Awards, announced a couple of days ago. Mammootty was selected, the best actor for his performance in the Shyamaprasad movie ‘Ore Kadal’, while Kavya got the best actress for her twin roles in ‘Nadhiya Kolapetta Rathri’. Adoor Gopalakrishanan was named the best director […] More

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    Mammootty Cleared that he dont want to rule Country

    Malayalam superstar Mammootty has rubbished speculation about him contesting the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, saying that he is too busy with movies to enter politics. “This is now become a habit ahead of any election in Kerala. Let me make it very clear that I do not want to rule the country, instead I want […] More

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    Mammootty again with Rafi-Mecartin : Love In Singapore/CowBoy

    After the great success of Megahit ‘Mayavi’, Mammootty again team up with Rafi-Mecartin. The movie will be titled ‘Love In Singapore’  or ‘CowBoy’. Though Mammootty has earlier been with Rafi-Mecartin as scriptwriters, this is the first time they will be calling the shots for Mammootty. Mammootty’s last year hit ‘Mayavi’ was also scripted by Rafi-Mecartin, which was directed by hit […] More