Mammootty – The Great Film Actor

As an Actor Mammootty is quite ambitious. It was his childhood dream to act in a movie, become a great star, earn the love and respect of the people of his land, his country and the whole world. The chivalrous hero who chases the villain, claims the heroine and goes singing on a horseback, that was his idea of a film star. Yet he is not sure when he had the first desire to act.Probably that desire started with the first movie he saw. Not just as a whim, but a burning desire to be a megastar. For which he prayed intensely. What sort of an actor does he want to be remembered as? Does he think an actor can induce change in society? Yes he can. That is his belief. Yes a good actor can bring about some changes in society, inducing the people to rethink their attitude, lifestyle or the whole of society itself.But Mammootty thinks he has not reached that stage yet. He feels the responsibility of an actor is much more than that of a film director, writer, screen writer or a politician. An actor’s only tool is his talent for acting. The actor lives the fiery moments of life of a citizen on screen. And the audience may role-model the character thus presented. Hence a little thoughtlessness can spoil not just the acting but the life of the gullible masses. So he takes great care with every role of his.How did he get into cinema? Both M.T. Vasudevan Nair and K.G. George have to be seen as his mentors. MT discovered him while KG brought him up. He has profound respect for both of them in his mind even today. He feels indebted and grateful to both of them.

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