Peranbu Movie Review

Peranbu Movie Review - Mammootty
Peranbu is a film directed by Ram that deals with the theme of a parent-child relationship, particularly when the child is specially-abled. The story follows Amudhavan, played by Mammootty, and his daughter Paapa, played by Sadhana, as they bond and navigate life in a secluded hill station after society shuns them. The film deals with themes of companionship, grief, rejection and acceptance, and it is a powerful and sensitive portrayal of the struggles and emotions of a parent and a specially-abled child. The film is praised for its engaging screenplay and the subtle way in which it conveys its message.
Peranbu is a film that is heavy and emotionally powerful. The pace of the film is deliberately slow and it carries a stamp that says that it needs to be felt to be understood. The film deals with the transformation of the characters and how the father and daughter deal with the growing needs of a teenager with special needs. The film has some humor in it but also a lot of sadness and it is sure to leave you with a heavy heart. The film’s dialogues stand out and so does the humor in the film. The scenes featuring Viji and Mammootty are hilarious and brighten up a heavy film.
The performance of Mammootty and Sadhana are exceptional and Anjali Ameer’s character makes you root for her. The film’s exceptional cinematography by Theni Easwar and the perfect and balanced musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja take you into the world of the amazing father and his daughter. At the end of the film, Mammootty came up on stage and told the press gathered that “This is a different film. Once you watch it you will realize how blessed all of us are in comparison to the story in the film.” It is a reminder that we are blessed in remarkable ways and we may have our bad days, but nothing compares it to those who fight battles and overcome problems in life.

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