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Munnariyippu Movie Review

Welcome to our Munnariyippu review page! We’ve compiled a selection of one-liner reviews from a variety of sources to give you a sense of what critics and audiences are saying about Munnariyippu. Whether you’re curious about the acting, the storyline, or the special effects, these brief but insightful reviews offer a snapshot of the overall reception and buzz surrounding Munnariyippu. Read on to see what the publishers are saying about the Munnariyippu movie.

The film’s narrative completely jettisons all pretense of a normal thriller. The pursuit of truth is not frantic, it is rather an entrusted exercise for the journalist who has signed a contract.
Times Of India

Munnariyippu will stay in your head for a long time if you have the calmness in mind to analyze the film
Lens Men Review

Venu declares himself as an outstanding, unique and challenging voice in Malayalam cinema, with his second directorial venture ‘Munnariyippu’, a revelatory drama that throws together an emphatic, no-nonsense narrative with a couple of out-of-the-world performances.
Now Running

The Best Indian Film of 2014, Period
mad about moviez

As expected from the trio of Venu-Renjith and Mammootty, the First Day First Show viewers carry fine opinion about the new movie ‘Munnariyippu’.

A must watch movie recommended for the movie lovers.
Filmi Beat

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