The King and the Commissioner Reviews Roundup

Welcome to our The King and the Commissioner review page! We’ve compiled a selection of one-liner reviews from a variety of sources to give you a sense of what critics and audiences are saying about The King and the Commissioner. Whether you’re curious about the acting, the storyline, or the The King and the Commissioner effects, these brief but insightful reviews offer a snapshot of the overall reception and buzz surrounding The King and the Commissioner. Read on to see what the publishers are saying about the The King and the Commissioner movie.

The film brings together two iconic characters (from popular Malayalam cinema) as they embark on a mission to foil a terrorist plot.Shaji Kailas has combined two seething mountains of anger in The King And The Commissioner with traces of a skill that he alone possessed in Malayalam film industry once.
Times of India

Old wine in Old Bottle with a new label
Lensmen Review

This King and the Commissioner’ may be better savoured by the group who love to repeatedly taste the same cuisines for long.

Could have been better.
Kerala 9

The film is nothing but a macabre drama, and even masochists won’t dare to sit through the 3.2-hour torment.
Indian Express

Written by Nithi Anand

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