‘Turbo’charged Snacking: Crizpo teams up with MammoottyKampany for ‘Turbo’ Film Promotion

Turbo - Crizpo

In an pioneering move, Crizpo has joined forces with MammoottyKampany for an unprecedented cinema promotion, marking the first-ever collaboration between a snack brand and a film production for a movie release. The introduction of Crizpo Turbo Edition banana chips coincides with the premiere of Megastar Mammootty’s latest film, “Turbo.” This partnership not only adds excitement to the snack aisle but also enhances the movie-going experience by offering a collectible snack that mirrors the thrill of the cinema.

This special edition boasts bold, innovative flavors and features Turbo-themed artwork, available exclusively in theaters. It aims to elevate the cinematic experience by blending the movie’s dynamic spirit with Crizpo’s dedication to flavor and quality. “Partnering with MammoottyKampany allows us to provide moviegoers with an immersive experience that merges the excitement of ‘Turbo’ with the delicious taste of Crizpo chips,” remarked a Crizpo spokesperson.

The launch of the Turbo Edition is a milestone for the snack industry, showcasing Crizpo’s forward-thinking approach to marketing and customer engagement. As the first snack brand to embark on such a collaboration, Crizpo is setting a new benchmark for how food products can enhance and integrate with the entertainment experience. Pick up a pack at your next cinema visit and let every bite bring you closer to the action of “Turbo.”

Written by Nithi Anand

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