Mammootty’s gift to Asif Ali steals the show at ‘Rorchach’ success party


The article talks about a celebration hosted by Mammootty Kampany, the production company behind the film “Rorschach,” which has been gaining attention for its unique filmmaking style and performances. The event was held to honor the actors and technical crew who worked on the movie, and during the ceremony, Mammootty gifted Asif Ali with a Rolex watch as a gesture of appreciation for his outstanding performance in the film.

Mammootty shared with the audience that he was inspired to give a Rolex watch as a gift by Kamal Hassan, who gave one to Suriya after the release of “Vikram.” Suriya had a cameo role in the film, similar to Asif’s role in “Rorschach.” Mammootty explained that since “Vikram” had earned Rs 500 crore, buying a watch that costs Rs 5 or 6 lakh is not a big deal. The gesture made Asif visibly overjoyed, and Dulquer Salmaan, who was also present at the event, congratulated the team on the success of the film.

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