I am no superstar! Mammootty

Mammootty, a beloved actor in Mollywood, prefers not to be referred to as a “superstar.” He feels that the term has negative connotations and has asked fans and the audience to call him an actor instead. He made this request in response to comedian Tini Tom’s reference to him as the only “real superstar” in the Malayalam film industry. Mammootty jokingly rebuked the term as superstars are often seen as the cause of problems in the industry and the term has turned into an offensive one. In recent years, the Malayalam film industry has been plagued by conflict, with actors and other prominent figures blaming superstars like Mammootty and Mohanlal for the industry’s state. They have also been accused of not giving opportunities to young talent and playing roles that are not suitable for their age. Mammootty is currently waiting for the release of “Venicile Vyapari” by Shafi, in which he stars opposite young actress Kavya Madhavan. The film is set in a time before the existence of mobile phones and the internet.

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