Movie Review – Bombay March 12

The film “Bombay March 12” is a complex story about a municipal sweeper named Sameer (played by Mammootty) who was once a Hindu priest named Sanathana Bhat. The film is a narrative of different scenes happening at various times, as Sameer’s story unfolds. The film deals with the serious subject of terrorism and identity crisis. The director, Babu Janardhanan, has tried to bring a different pattern to the typical terrorism film, but the complex script and serious tone limit the focus of the film to its twists and turns. The visuals are okay, and the soundtrack is impressive. Mammootty does his part with conviction but the role may not be challenging enough for him. Roma and Unni Mukundan also perform well. The film has a certain style that may appeal to a certain section of the audience but it has too many loose ends in the storyline that make it unconvincing.

Written by Rabz

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