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Best Actor is a Super Hit!!

Debutant director Martin Prakkat’s Best Actor is about a school teacher, who wants to become a film actor.
He has to go through hardships and some shameful treatments, just like any other wannabe actor, but things really go out of hand when he joins a goonda gang to earn some ‘original experience’. Well, it is a nice and simple story but the problem here is that it too predictable and lacks the fizz to a great extent.

Mohan (Mammootty) teaches in a school, but dreams about getting into films. He approaches several filmmakers for a role, without any success. His wife Savitri (Sruthi Ramakrishna) and their son, is confident about his credentials and always support him, in his attempts to get a break.

There is an inherent sincerity about the film, which is to be appreciated. Mammootty has given his heart and soul to his character, of a person who is never a conventional ‘macho-hero’. It is amazing that an actor of his experience and stature could handle the role in such an understated manner. But the film takes too much time in its narration and things often get painfully slow at several occasions.

Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar and Vinayakan are part of a criminal gang and the story gets some pace with their entry. The four make the whole atmosphere quite lively with their mannerisms and the peculiar ‘Kochi slang’. They pep up the scenes with some witty one-liners initially, but soon after some of those dialogues get unacceptably vulgar.

The story often moves ahead without a definite direction right from the beginning and the lack of an interesting script is evident mostly. The highly conventional way that the film unfurls also tends to be a letdown. Some of the scenes and even dialogues have been inspired from yesteryear films in the genre.

The visuals are good and the music is just about okay. Sreenivasan has a brief role as a film director and some of the mainstream filmmakers from Malayalam like Lal Jose, Ranjith and Blessy among others also appear in the film which gives some kind of believability to the storyline. The rest of the cast, including Kannada actor Sruthi Ramakrishna, has performed pretty fine

However, Best actor is in full swing and it is sure that it will become a Megahit of Megastar Mammootty.

MammoottySpecial Rating : 4/5

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