Pranchiyettan is a sleeper hit!

The Renjith directedPranchiyettan and the Saint, is turning out to be a sleeper hit.
The film is reported to have taken a distributors share of around Rs 1.60 Crore in two weeks from 60 odd releasing centres. It is very strong in Thrissur, Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram.
In a recent interview, Renjith has clarified that he was forced to go to Goa to shoot the climax of the film, as no church in Kerala was willing to allow shooting on its premises.
Says Renjith: “ I wanted to shoot the entire film in Thrissur itself, but Church authorities refused to provide me with the necessary permission. Mammootty was very keen that I should not compromise and that is how our search began for a beautiful church outside Kerala which was found in old Goa.”
Renjith’s art director made the statue of St Francis and cameraman Venu picturised the scenes so convincingly. After completing the film Renjith donated the statue to the church as a gift.

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