Karunanidhi lauds Mammootty for Pazhassi Raja

Mega Blockbuster Malayalam movie Pazhassi Raja has been receiving many accolades, from its starting day itself. However it came as a great honour when Tamil Nadu chief Minister M Karunanidhi congratulated Mammootty for his fine-rate performance in the historic movie

The chief minister called up Mammootty on Thursday evening and conveyed his sincere appreciation for the star and for his performance in Pazhassi Raja. A special screening of the Tamil version of the movie was earlier held for the chief minister in Chennai, where after the show, he remarked, “Arpudhamana Padam”.

Mammootty in turn acknowledged the chief minister’s words of appreciation and said that eh was indeed honoured to have been bestowed with such great appreciation from the Karanavar.Earlier during their conversation Mammootty and Karunanidhi had a detailed conversation regarding various nuances of cinema as an art.

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