Prithviraj Takes on the Role of Mammootty’s Younger Brother in ‘Pollachi Raja

The talented actor Prithviraj, who previously appeared alongside Mammootty in the film “Oneway Ticket,” will be reuniting with the superstar for the upcoming movie “Pollachi Raja.” Prithviraj will play the role of Mammootty’s younger brother, Sudhi.

While “Oneway Ticket,” directed by Vipin Prabhakar, was not a box office success, Prithviraj’s performance as a fan of Mammootty’s character was well received. “Pollachi Raja” will mark the directorial debut of Vaishakan, who has previously worked with renowned directors such as Joshi.

The film will feature two female lead roles, and the search for suitable actresses is ongoing. The rest of the cast and crew have yet to be determined. Shooting is expected to begin in December of this year.

Written by Rabz

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