T: 20 poster creates tension in Kerala!

The first look posters of the big budget multi-starrer produced by AMMA Twenty:20, has created tension between Mammootty and Mohanlal fans in Kerala.

Mohanlal fans are up in arms against the first look six-sheet poster of Twenty:20. In the poster Mammootty is placed in the centre, with Mohanlal and Dileep on his left and Suresh Gopi and Jayaram on his right.
What has hurt the sentiments of Mohanlal fans is that the actor has not been given the center spot and it looks like Mammootty has been given more importance!
Fans of Mohanlal in Thiruvananthapuram is reported to have cut off Mammootty’s head in the posters, while fans of Mammootty in many places in Malabar area has tarred and blackened the face of Mohanlal!

This tit for tat battle is getting uneasy and AMMA the producers of the film has called for peace and understanding between the fans. They say Mammootty appears in the center because he is the senior of the two superstars, and in no way has Mohanlal been played down. After all the two are doing a multistarrer.

(Source : Sify Movies)

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