‘Maya Bazaar’, directed by debutante Thomas Sebastian, is an entertainer with Mammootty in lead role, obviously targeting the audience who liked ‘Rajamanikkam’, ‘Pothen Vava’, ‘Thuruppugulan’, ‘Mayavi’ etc.

‘Maya Bazaar’ has as the lead character, Ramesan, who buys old cars, dismantles them and sells the spare-parts at cheaper prices. And Ramesan lives in an area known as Maya Bazaar, where many others like him too dwell and do the same kind of business. Ramesan anyhow is a very upright kind of guy, who sees his job as something much more than a mere job. For him each and every car that he buys and dismantles represents the philosophy of life itself.
Ramesan has a very strong opponent in Bhadran, who too deals in second-hand spare-parts just like him. Bhadran has always been eager to fight it out with Ramesan, but due to the intervention of Josettan (real name Jose, called by everyone as ‘Josettan’ due to his age), who runs a tea-shop, the clash has often been averted. This is because Ramesan holds Josettan in high esteem.

It is into the life of Ramesan, Bhadran and many such other people in the street named Maya Bazaar that the film ‘Maya Bazaar’ strives to explore. While Mammootty plays Ramesan, it is Kalabhavan Mani who becomes Bhadran.

Tamil actress Sheela makes her entry into Malayalam with ‘Maya Bazaar’ under a new name Maya, which incidentally happens to be the name of the character she portrays in the film.

‘Maya Bazaar’ reportedly has a storyline spiced up with enough of colourful songs and sufficient dosage of humour, provided by the likes of Salim Kumar, Suraaj Venjaramoodu, Bijukuttan etc.

The film is scheduled to hit the screen on October 1.

Written by Rabz